Night Vision will NOT turn off: Ring Indoor Cam (Plug-In)

I currently have both the “Color Night Vision” and “Night Vision” feature off on my Ring Indoor camera and yet every single night the camera goes into IR mode even when both the toggles are turned to off.

I bought this device in March 2020 (barely a month old) and it did not use to do this before. My driveway gets more than enough light at night to use the regular color mode.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I’ve already turned it off and back on, which did not help.

I’d try resetting the camera by holding the button on the camera for 30 seconds

Thanks I’ll give that a shot tonight and let you know tomorrow if it still defaults to night vision mode!

Update: pressing the power button for 30 seconds did not fix the issue. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know!

As far as I can tell those two options do nothing lol.

I noticed recently that my indoor cam makes random clicking sounds, not static from a speaker actual clicks. After a bit of Google Fu, I found out that it is the IR camera switching on and off. A look at the recorded footage confirms this.

This only happens when all the lights are off and it’s just the light of the TV. Note however that the footage is much clearer before the low light camera clicks on, so I’d rather it didn’t come on at all.

No matter whether I switch the low light camera on/off in settings or the low light colour on/off in settings. The low light camera still clicks on and off anyway.

I also think this isn’t a defect as it works perfectly at all other times, it is only in a dark room with just the TV on (which of course must flash between making the room lights/dark.

Anyway I am at my wits end as I can’t now sit in the room like this as it sounds like adememnted bird clicking away in the corner lol.

So the two toggles for low light cameras don’t actually appear to do anything

I’ve just bought one of these cams as well, I also found that the night vision toggle does not do anything. Did Ring ever get back to you about this?


No, the Ring support team has not contacted me back regarding the issue. It’s a little bit disappointing since it used to show in color overnight (without the color night vision option toggled). Let me know if you ever find a solution to this!

@ Dannyboy1, The black glassy-portion of your cam (where the Blue LED can be seen when the camera is active) there are several items hidden behind this smokey plastic, which include the motion sensors and a light-sensing photocell. When there is plenty of light, determined by the photocell (in Day Mode) your camera displays in color. When the photocell does not sense a sufficient amount of light, the camera decides on its own to go into Night Mode (what you are calling IR mode), and hence the black & white IR video is displayed. You cannot control when it switches between Day or Night Modes. You said, “My driveway gets more than enough light at night …”, well apparently your camera disagrees with you and doesn’t think so. Before, I think your Indoor camera was on the border-line, very close to switching into the Night Mode, and maybe something changed (slightly moved the cam position? did one of the lights burnt out in the viewing area? did the area where the cam located get a little darker? the tolerance of the photocell changed slightly, etc?) If you can somehow brighten the viewing area a little more, or reflect more light for the photocell to ‘see’, you might be able to prevent the camera from deciding to switch into the Night Mode again?

@Dannyboy1 & Smidgeons & Velfreitas, As for the toggle positions, they DO do something, but they do not control when your camera “Decides on it’s own” to go into Night Mode. There is an IRfrared Light-Emitting Diode (IR LED) also hidden behind the black glassy-portion of your cam. The IR LED acts like a flashlight, casting additional IR light to illuminate the area in front of the camera so it can see better in the darkness. If you look closely at your cam, while it is active, you can see the red glow from it. I’ve noticed that my Indoor cams only have a single IR LED just above the Blue LED, and my Stick-Up cams have two IR LEDs near the top of the black glassy-portion, (2 for brighter IR illumunation since it can be used outdoor), and my video doorbell also has several IR LEDs for when it is in Night Mode. When you use your phone Ring App and go to the “Device Setting” of your video device, and then select “Video Settings” and use the toggle “Infrared Lights for Night Vision”, all you are doing is controlling whether the the IR LED will light or not while in Night Mode. When the camera is active, toggled ON and the IR LED will turn on, and if toggled OFF the IR LED will be inoperative. The IR LED will always be inoperative when the cam is in Daytime Mode.

Some people like aiming their Indoor cameras out a window to record outdoor activity. You’ll find that the window glass may cause the IR light to reflect back at the lens too brightly. This would be a case to toggle it OFF (and you might also even have to put a small piece of black electrical tape only over the Blue LED, since there is no way to turn off the reflected glare from that LED). Dannyboy1, you said, “My driveway gets more than enough light at night …” so I was curious to know if you are aiming your Indoor cam out a window to view your outside driveway, or did you place your Indoor cam outside (and somehow protected it from the elements)?

The Indoor Ring cameras have an additional “Color Night Vision” setting and all it does is artifically add some color to provide better contrast in low light situations. I think it works only in the Daytime Mode, when it is semi-dark but yet there is still sufficient light to keep the camera from switching into the Night Mode .

Anyways, I could be incorrect, but I don’t think so. I hope this somehow helps you.

Seems many people prefer their cameras stay in the Day Mode (a much better quality video picture than Night Mode), when there is plenty of external lighting available.

But currently only the camera decides (when it gets dark) when to switch from Day to Night Mode, and many want to be able to decide if they want to stay in Day Mode regardless of the time of day …

Just wanted to pile on here that I’ve had this issue since I’ve gotten two brand new models. Nothing works. The app has phony buttons. Support doesn’t help. Why?