Night vision stopped working on stick up camera

Night vision on one of my stick up cameras just stopped working. Any ideas on how to get it back on? The camera is on a couple months old. I tested the same area with a seperate stick up camera and it works fine. Any help is appreciated.

Hey there, @bertmet! You may want to shine a bright light into the camera while having the live view pulled up, as this may allow the night vision to adjust. In addition, have you tried moving the camera to a dark area like a closet and test another event to see if the night vision comes on? Sometimes even covering the cam with a piece of fabric can work as a test. If the night vision still does not come on, you should reach out to our support at 1-800-656-1918!

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mine is doing the same thing now. day time is fine but at night you can hear things but video is black also on ring app what is the diamon shape witha ! in it its red