Night vision poor illumination(Image Attached)

I got my first ring wired doorbell last week and all is well apart from the infrared.
The bell is placed on the doorframe where the old bell was and has a concrete surround that juts out snout 4 inches. The concrete side where the bell is in the field of view of the camera which isn’t an issue during the day but at night when the infrared lights come on most of the image is dark. When someone stands at the door they are illuminated but you can’t even see my car in the drive.

My only thinking is that I either have a faulty unit or the concrete surround is capturing too much of the infrared light making the rest of the image near total black.

One of the reasons I got the doorbell was to have something keeping an eye on my car in the driveway but it’s not doing the job for me in its current set up.

Hi @Adox. The concrete on the side is whats causing this concern. I would suggest adding a Corner Mount to angle the Doorbell away from the concrete. You can find a Corner Mount here.