Night Vision Not Working

Good evening. I installed the Doorbell 2 today and it seems to work fine, except at night. I’ve attached the picture of what we have right now, and you can’t see the front lawn or road. I used both the corner kit to tilt it inwards, as well as downwards. Suggestions? Thank you for your time.

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Hey @Ken_and_Kelly, do you have any lights on the walkway up to your doorbell, or any lights in the front of your house? It seems there is not enough light that, even with the night vision, the doorbell is unable to make out anything beyond your front door. It is also possible that if there is a light above the device, it is causing too much reflection on the right side, stopping the camera from picking up any further with night vision. I would recommend maybe trying to turn off that light for a night or installing some motion activated lights, similar to our Smart Lighting, and see if this helps!

Hi Chelsea, and thank you for replying. I spoke to someone at Ring already and it looks like the IR is bouncing off the right side of the house and causing the night vision not to work. They are sending me another corner piece to tilt it out further. There are no other lights on around the house, but the IR makes it look like there is. Thanks again.


Hello, i just got my ring camera the other day and have exactly the same problem with the night vision not working due to light glare on the side of my house in the frame. Did you ever solve the problem? How exactly?

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Hi there, @Kushner13! In most cases, if there is a surface nearby that is lighter or the focus of the lens at night, similar to the image shared in this thread, the best solution is to use Wedge or Corner Kits. These can be found on our accessories page at

If this is not the case for your environment, and the area looks to be too dark, try adding some lighting to the area. This can be done with our Smart Lighting devices, or standard yard lighting solutions. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: