Night vision not working

I just installed my ring pro and everything went great untill it got dark, now I get almost nothing. I can see car lights when the go by in the street, but cant see my car parked in the driveway 15 feet away, If someone gets within a foot of the doorbell you can see them but that’s it. I already tried resetting the doorbell, and switching out of color mode with know luck, I’m very frustrated at this point.


Same here the infrared isn’t working.


Hey @Zimo and @Donovan! Please make sure the Pro Power Kit is installed at your chime kit, and also check the device health of the Doorbell Pro to ensure it’s power reading is sufficient to operate night vision. Low power can certainly be a cause of this. If the above looks good, try power cycling the device by hitting the breaker, or removing the wires and reconnecting them. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Have you tried a power cycle?

Did anyone figure out why the night vision is not working? I installed my ring doorbell pro in June and it has been working great. Now all of the sudden the night vision is not working. Doorbell works great during sunlight hours and even at sunrise/sunset but once it is dark I can only see dark shadows and headlights… help?

P.S. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting all wires as well as rebooting the device. Still no night vision but works fine during the day.

Did anything work for you ? I’m having the same problem after 5-6 months of the device working fine.

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No luck yet, I’ve tried everything reset, reconnected wires, everything is working great except @ night. I called support they are sending me an angled mounting kit to see if this help (I highly doubt it will help), will update the post with my results once I try it out.


Thanks Zimo. Keep me updated if you find out anything new.

Power pro is installed everything else is working fine I have reset the camera. I think this started with the new update to the app. I covered the three infrared lights with black tape turned on the color night vision and the porch light and I get a good picture that way otherwise it’s black and white and you cant see anything but shadows with the porch light on or off.

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With and without infrared covered with lights on.

Thanks Donovan. Keep me posted if you hear anything new.


Yep… that’s exactly what my video looks like. If this is related to the latest update you would think Ring would help take care of this more…

So the latest for me. All I have done is turned on the porch light during the night and turned on the color night vision in video settings. I did not cover up the infrared sensors with tape. Now the doorbell will work through the dark hours. This makes absolutely no sense to me as there is a front yard light on a pole no more than about 5 yards from the doorbell. I call this light our north star light because I use a 100 watt bulb. So the porch is well lit to begin with. I guess just the slight increase in light when I turn on the porch light is enough to make the device function properly. If this in an IT issue then Ring needs to fix it.

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Mine is working properly now. The reflection off the brick from the ring and probably the infrared bouncing off caused the problem. I used a wedge behind the camera to put it on an angle.

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Thanks for the pic but why would a/the yours/mine device work for X months and then all of the sudden not work anymore. Unfortunately, I can not angle my device or I’ll be viewing the side of my porch which happens to be a wall. Someone mentioned this occurring after the last update to the app. I’m hoping that is the problem and will repair its self with the next update. Either way, thanks for the info and keep us posted if you have and new problems, info or solutions. :slight_smile:


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Hi. I have just installed ours 3nights ago. It did not record any motions at all overnight. We also get milk delivery in the morning but the milk delivery was not even captured but we did get the milk. Did you manage to fix the issue?

Hey Annalyzer1001!

Unfortunately, no I have not been able to fix the problem. I am leaving the porch light on overnight now so it will work. And fortunately, everthing I want to monitor is during the day anyway. Donovan mentioned it could be related to the last app update but since he has his working maybe its not the app update. I’m waiting to see if the next update does anything. I have my motion sensitivity set to 1 click before all the way to the left for “less motion.” This setting still captures most everything that moves. I’ve recorded deer, foxes, and racoons overnight on a regular basis. I had to put a WiFi extender in my house to get my doorbell to function better. However, the device still goes offline more than I would like. Overall, I’d say I’m only about 68% satisfied with this device. Is your device dropping offline?

Installed my Ring Doorbell Pro about 10-days ago and mine also has No night time motion detection !!

Call customer support about my Firmware showing 1.16 rather than the latest 2.1

Was told Ring has many bugs with 2.1 and are not doing anymore downloads of firmware till bugs are worked out!!

What ever happened to “predeployment” testing???

Two weeks with my RING Pro and no night vision either. I’ve tried everything that I read above and it is WORTHLESS. I smell a lawsuit in their future