Night Vision is Horrid. Light spots

Attached is a picture of what my Ring video looks like at night. How do I stop this. Wiping off the camera does not help. These are light spots. So frustrating. I replaced the camera from the original Ring to the Ring 2. Didn’t change a thing. Pretty much a waste of money.

Hi @cheetah1965. Is this a Video Doorbell or a Security Camera? It looks like it may be mounted too high, or be angled too high as it is capturing a lot of the light from above the Ring device itself. If this is a Video Doorbell, you can find a Wedge Kit on our website here, which will allow you to angle your Doorbell’s view downward slightly. This is perfect for homes that have steps leading up to the front door, as it will angle the Doorbell’s view down to better capture those steps rather than the street, for example. This may help with clearing up your Ring’s view, as it won’t be capturing as much of the light above it.