Night view obstructed

doorbell camera has bubbles/circles filling the screen at night. Oddly, it started a couple of weeks ago. I received a notification and as I watched the video there was a flash like someone taking a flash picture and then the video screen was filled with bubbles/circles. It has been that way since at night. During daylight hours the view is clear.

This is odd to hear of, @tdnjam! Feel free to include an image example of this. Please ensure there is not an obstruction or a nearby surface that might be in direct view of your Doorbell lens. There are times when a surface that is too close will reflect light, either coming from artificial lighting or the Doorbell itself. Please ensure the front and immediate field of view is not obstructed by objects that might hinder the view and adjustment. Speaking of artificial lighting, we’ve seen may neighbors share success with night vision and adding lights to the area. It may also help to wipe the lens, in case of any debris. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hope I did this right. Shows a current view (night time). View during daylight is clear. Night time view with the bubbles, circles just recently started.

This is the first time the problem happened. Clear view at first. Then about 3 seconds in there is clicking sound and flash and the video continues but now with the circles/bubbles. And the view gets worst after dark. View is clear in daytime.

Hi @tdnjam. Happy to chime in for Marley. Thank you for sharing these videos! From the looks of things, it appears that this may be do to the infrared light reacting to water spots or condensation of the lens of the camera. I would suggest using a soft cloth and mild cleaner to see if this will clear things up. Ensure that the camera is completely dry and clean, then test again. Let me know if this works.

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I had the same issue. Upon examination of the camera, the outside plastic lens was loose. I removed it and glued, very carefully, along the outside rim, then put it back on. Problem solved.
Good luck.

@user40298 Thank you for sharing a solution that worked for you. :slight_smile:

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