Night time recording

My ring recorded at night great up until about a week ago. Not it is not. Checked settings and still not working anyone else having this issue

Hey @Tmcott. Happy to help here! What device is this happening on? Could you show me a recording from a week ago in comparison to what it looks like now?

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I went into my setting and really looked at everything made some adjustments and it seems to be working now. Thanks


I spent half hour on my phone with ring rec two weeks ago. We changed a bunch of settings, and it seemed to work at night, and now it’s not working again. My neighbor asked if we had a recording of this guy walking door to door at 2:00 am. So I checked. I had no recordings after 8:00 pm. This is ridiculous. I just paid my $110 annual fee! For what?

Hi @user16593. Have you tested your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera at night by triggering a test event? Which model of Ring Doorbell or Security Camera do you have? It often takes some trial and error with the settings to find a combination that works best, as everyone’s home environment and preferences differ. As @SolarEclipse suggested, the person you are referring to may not have walked up to your door and did not trigger a motion event.