Night Time Recording

I’m having problems with my ring doorbell it won’t record during the night …… I have gone through the settings and set everything to the highest it can go but still no joy!!! For what you pay for a ring doorbell you expect it to notify you when there is movement outside your property……
In my opinion Ring is not as good as it makes out.
Very disappointed :frowning: and I certainly WOULD NOT recommend to other people !!!
Plus you pay monthly for this service…… if your broadband only worked for so many hours during the day and didn’t work at night Would you still pay your provider ???
Ring you charge enough money for your goods and services why aren’t you getting this problem sorted :rage::rage::rage:

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Hi @Si4wifey2007. As long as your Ring Doorbell is online and motion detection is not turned off, it should record when motion is detected or when someone rings the Doorbell. I’d suggest checking that you do not have motion detection turned off in a specific Mode, then test out your Doorbell at night by triggering a test motion.

If the test motion doesn’t work, would you mind sharing a screenshot of what your Doorbell’s view looks like at night? You can take a screenshot of the Live View at night, or the Motion Zone editing screen. Ensure any personal information is blocked out. This will give me a better idea of if there are any obstructions that could impact that Doorbell’s motion detection.

Yep, my Ring Camera has repeatedly randomly NOT recorded motion on our front porch, despite having checked and confirmed the motion settings. Last night all of our porch furniture was stolen from RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA! I had just replaced the battery and tested it last night. The first motion-triggered recording was when my wife left this morning…and the furniture was GONE!

I’ll be looking for a new security camera system, because our RING cameras are not reliable.

Mine used to work at night but not anymore. My porch light is motion activated so there is plenty of light. Last night we had a bear take down the bird feeder right in front of the door. Nothing was recorded. The other night I saw that my porch light was on. I looked out and there were 7 deer standing right in front of the doorbell and nothing recorded. As soon as the sun comes up it works fine but that’s still unacceptable.

Hi @tae111. I would suggest reviewing this page here, where you can refine your motion settings and optimize your motion detection.

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