Night Spots on Battery Cams

We had 2 original and now added 2 more battery cams - the 2 new battery cams have night spots and you can’t see anything at night except what looks like water spots. The original one we have still works great at night. Please help…not sure if I need to return both new ones or not. TY

Hey @heyjude154. Could you provide a picture of what spots you are seeing?

TY for taking the time to help…attached is a screenshot with the what looks like wAter spots…camera is new…and you can also see a possum on the fence. We back up to a levee, so cameras are needed badly behind our mobile home. We also have another camera diff angle doing the same and put them both up the same day. We have another on other end that was set up about 10 mos ago and that one is fine at night , so that’s why we’re asking what we can do.

@heyjude154 Of course, happy to help! I understand the importance of this for sure. Does the camera have rainfall on it, or is there any difference after you clean the lens? If you do not see a difference after cleaning the lens and making sure that there is no rain on the lens, then there may be condensation in the lens itself. While you cannot wipe the condensation inside off at all, you could bring the device inside and allow the water to evaporate in a warmer environment. Let me know if either of these suggestions help out!

yes…a very small improvement after cleanig outside like maybe a few dot gone…we’ll have to try the drying out method…but we live near the coast so we have a lot of morning dew…so its not going to make sense to have to take down 4 cameras weekly or however soon it happens. and I believe I said the newer 2 cameras started off with night spots right after installation. I know you want me to try everything, so we’ll try bringing inside and see.

@heyjude154 Yes, please give it a try! If you continue to run into this concern, you can reach out to our support team to see if there are any other workarounds for this, but let me know how it goes either way! :slight_smile: