Night mode

I have a street light directly outside no avoiding it. I need to turn off night mode and I will have perfect coverage. Right now you cannot see anything in the picture or have motion detection rendering it useless at night.

Hi @AndyJOC! Many of our in app features or settings are intended to fine tune your device to fit the environment it is in. For the best results with motion detection, trial and error will be best in obtaining optimal detection. As for settings such as colored night vision, this may not be necessary for your environment and can be toggled off if so. Check out our help center article about colored night vision to learn more. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Toggling the colour night mode has no impact on the problem unfortunately.

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Thank you for checking on that setting @AndyJOC! I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along to our teams. Feel free to include a video example of this concern, or what the lens might see at night time. In the meantime, we’ve seen neighbors add even more light to an area for better adjustment, as well as utilize all 3 motion zones, rather than 1 large zone.

See attached image. Daytime it is excellent.

Thank you for the image example @AndyJOC! For a mounting scenario where a frame or perpendicular wall is nearby, or even in a recessed frame, we often recommend a Wedge or Corner Kit to assist with view. Some neighbors have even made a platform to level out the mounting depth.

As a test, try loosening the Doorbell Pro and placing at an angle avoiding the brick, then capture a video to see if the lens adjustment improves. For this instance, a Corner Kit peice will usually assist in avoiding the nearby brick, and improve lens focal point. Another test is to shine a flashlight on the lens at night, during a live view, to see if the lens adjusts. The results to those quick tests should help with a solution. :slight_smile:

I have done the torch test and it immediately adjusts to a perfect picture as in day mode. I will try the corner wedge but I’m doubtful to be honest considering the result above. Thanks for the continued support.