Newly installed video doorbell stuck in boot up loop and ringing mechanical chine

Our new Ring bell seems to be stuck in a start up loop, the blue light is flashing and mechanical chime ringing every 8 seconds or so. Can’t seem to stop it.

It happened when someone rang our back (non smart) doorbell which is hooked up to the same chime.

We bought the wired Ring for the front doorbell because we wanted the mechanical chime to still ring (we don’t alway have stable internet so didn’t want people to not be able to ring the bell if internet was down).

Hi @PhilHawkins. The Doorbell Wired will not work with any internal chime kit. In order for the Doorbell Wired to function properly, you’ll need to install the Jumper Cable which bypasses the internal Chime Kit. If you wish for your Doorbell to use your Internal Chime Kit, you will need to purchase a different model Doorbell.