Newest android app update

Yesterday I updated my ring app on my phone that has a shared account. Now on the dashboard to the right of the box labeled “event history” there is a box labeled “lights” and there is a circle that goes round and round. I don’t have any lights so how do I remove the box?

Hey @Adb49 ! Can you confirm what App version you are on? Also, are you referring to the three boxes above your devices, such as ‘Nearby Incident’, ‘History’, and ‘Lights’? Feel free to attach a screen shot as well!

My version is 3.27.0 and I updated a few days ago. Prior to that on the top I only had nearby incident and event history but now I have lights.
The box says loading and above it a circle goes round and round. I have the alarm, doorbells and stick up but no lights.

Got it! Are you a shared user or owner?

Thanks :slight_smile: