Newbie, with motion not detected last night

Hey, folks.
My neighbour (UK) called me at midnight, last night, to tell me there was someone on my driveway.
My phone was on silent, as I was asleep, so I found out when I spoke to him this morning.
I immediately checked my Ring app, to discover no motion event was recorded by the floodlight cam on my driveway. Other motion events have been recorded by the floodlight cam, since, during the day.
My doorbell’s battery was on charge, so that didn’t record anything, either.
I’ve got the protect plan, so searched back through the footage captured by my floodlight cam around the time in question, but there’s no sign of anyone on my driveway.
My neighbour’s a reliable sort and isn’t likely to be making things up, especially when calling and texting me at midnight.
The floodlight cam was set to “people only mode”, so this is the only reason I can think of, as to why it didn’t detect the motion (but it was still on when motion was detected later, during the day).
Can anyone advise, please? I’m very concerned that my security camera missed the only reason for its existence, last night!
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Maybe check ‘Motion Schedules’ from the Motion Settings - or just test it at around the same time…and check to ensure the cam recognises motion. One thing I noticed about my own Ring setup in the UK is that it is not prone to errors especiallly if you have solid reliable WiFi

Cheers Andy