Newbie Q regarding Motion Recording

Hi all…sorry for likely newbie question. I would like to disable all motion detection for when I’m home. I see references to “Motion Recording” and unchecking “Active” in Motion Zones, but I don’t seem to see these options in my app. I do have “Motion Notification” turned off which is helpful but would like to turn off the History entries altogether.

I should mention also that I have a “Motion Schedule” set to disable motion 7-days/week and during my home hours, but Motion Logging persists.

Hi @DaveL, thank you for sharing this feedback. We have a feature coming out around November that will be great for your needs. You can learn more about it in this Community update.

Wow, this “Modes” option sounds tremendous! Thanks for the quick reply and I can’t wait to try out Modes when it rolls out. :slight_smile:

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