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I have my keypad and a motion detector in my garage. I’d like to set this motion detector as part of the delay path when entering & exiting and with a delay. How d I accomplish this?

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Hey @Lasertrapper. Please note that we do not recommend putting a motion detector in the garage, as the temperature inside the garage can cause a false alarm. This is because the garage itself will get hot, and since the PIR sensor in the detector is looking for changes in heat signatures, this could set off the alarm when you are away in the middle of the day, or when the garage is getting hot.

I recommend putting the motion sensor in the view of the door to the garage, or in a more passed by area inside the home. If you choose to leave the motion detector in the garage, to give it a delay, you will need to go into the Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Motion Detector > Cog icon at the top right > Placement > and ensure it is on Entryway. This will allow for the entry delay that you have set up under Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Home/Away > Entry delay (check for each mode).

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Thanks Chelsea

It’s actually an attached, insulated and climat controlled garage. I have my Corvette and LOTS of tools in there, and so far haven’t gotten false alarms despite big temp changes here in Minnesota.

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@Lasertrapper That’s awesome! I could see how you would need that temperature controlled garage to take care of your most prized possessions. So glad it’s working in that environment. Hope you and your’s are staying safe and healthy! :slight_smile: