New Wiring Diagram Needed for Pro 2 & Pro Install w/o Interior Doorbell

I’m remodeling and having electrician run all new doorbell wiring in order to delete old interior doorbell which I never could get to chime with my original Ring Pro. Installing new Ring Transformer to use with new Pro 2 Doorbell at front door and moving original Pro Doorbell to back door.

The wiring diagram customer service referred to me incorrectly shows using Bypass Mode on the Pro Powerkit, but V3 has no bypass mode. They said to use the Two Ring Doorbells Pros/1 Transformer diagram, but this is not a workable option for the V3.

Please direct me to the correct wiring diagram.


Hi @ShorLine. There is not a diagram for a Video Doorbell Pro and a Pro 2 to be directly connected to a transformer. I checked with my teams and they let me know that you are able to use the diagram for two Video Doorbell Pros and one transformer for reference. Except you will not be using a Pro Power Kit for the Pro 2, as the Pro 2 can be directly hardwired to a transformer. The Pro will be the only one using the Pro Power Kit in bypass mode. Verify you have the Pro Power Kit that came with the Pro, as the newer Pro Power Kits that come with the Pro 2s do not have a bypass mode. If you do not feel comfortable hardwiring, we strongly recommend consulting a licensed electrician. I hope this helps!