New Video Doorbell Wired not showing up on Windows APP (Ring-Always Home)

I’m new to Ring and recently I started integrating the Ring ecosystem into our home this week. So far everything has been great except for one inconvenient flaw: the new video doorbell wired ($59.99) doesn’t seem to be showing up on the Ring-Always Home APP on Windows.

My devices consist of the following and I installed them in this order as well:
Ring Floodlight Cam
Ring Stick Up Cam(Battery)
Ring Video Doorbell Wired
Ring Chime
Ring Spotlight Cam(Battery)

I installed the first 2 cams and the video doorbell+chime on the same day with the Spotlight arriving the following day. All 4 devices setup went flawlessly on the mobile app and everything seems to be working. The only thing is that after I tried installing the Ring-Always Home APP on Windows everything except the video doorbell cam is present on the dashboard/device list. Even the Chime is registered under the device list but not the video doorbell.

I’ve tried reinstalling the Windows APP even after restarting my PC and I did this multiple times. I even tried to reconnect and redo the setup on the video doorbell but this still didn’t fix the issue either. The video doorbell wired only shows up on the mobile app. Even Alexa has no problems pulling up the live video feed from the video doorbell on my Echo Show but still doesn’t seem to show up on the Ring-Always Home Windows APP.

The following day my Spotlight Cam arrived and again install/setup was flawless. I didn’t even have to reinstall the Windows APP it automatically showed up under the devices. That makes only 3 out of 4 cams showing up on the Windows APP and 4 out 4 cams showing up on mobile APP. Also before anyone ask, yes all devices are registered under the same address only one location and all of them are connected to a single WiFi access point.

Now the only thing I could think of at the moment given the Ring Video Doorbell Wired ($59.99) seems to be a fairly new and was just recently released on Feb 24, 2021. Could it be that the Ring-Always Home APP on Windows is outdated and hasn’t included this device yet?

I tried to upload multiple screenshots but as a new user here won’t allow me so I combined 2 screenshots from my Ring Windows App with 1 screenshot from my Ring Mobile App. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

Anyone else who bought the new video doorbell wired experiencing this issue?

Hi @AMGRing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us regarding the Ring Windows app. The reason you are not seeing your new Video Doorbell Wired in the Windows app is because it no longer receives device or feature updates, though they will continue to receive critical security and bug updates. We suggest using to view your devices on a desktop computer. The team here is continuously working to add features to improve your experience. Thank you for being a great neighbor, please let us know if you have any additional questions

I JUST bought this ring wired and NOW I find out it is no longer supported?


Same here. I actually had an older Ring Doorbell, and “upgraded” to the wired. SMH

Expensive upgrades are simply wonderful. Amazon too busy counting last quarter’s profit to assign a single person to fix this? Now I go to, go through 2FA and nowhere can I find a way to view the camera(s) live. What I am missing (except previous features)?

I’ve just got the ring pro 2. I had to replace the pro due to the common issue with the button cracking and eventually breaking off. Now I’ve found out the windows dekstop app no longer supports the new device i’ve purchased! Had I of known this before purchasing I would of looked at alternative options. I rely on the windows app for notifications and view the camera instantly since i’m working at my PC all day, its been very handy to quickly open this, especially when on conference calls.

@Caitlyn_Ring has development stopped completely? Are there any plans to add support to the windows app for newer devices? Have amazon thought about all the people now working from home in front of their PC’s and MAC’s daily where this would be very useful to them? The amount of home workers has increased significantly and will remain for alot of people even when Covid restrictions are fully lifted.

If the only way is to access via from PC’s then are their any plans to add web push notifications? Also as tracemac stated, its not possible to goto Live view from

Hi @cpmilez. Happy to chime in here. The Desktop version of the Ring app will no longer receive devices updates. Any future updates on this will be posted here in the Community. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thats a terrible answer. No live view on a brand new camera is ridiculous. Spend the 5 minutes and update the app.


Wow, ssad that these new cameras wont come out on widows ring app. I think i won’t purchase anymore. Super convenient to see them on PC but not always on phone, esp from work.


I just installed a Floodlight cam for my mom, and she relies on the Windows Store app to get live video from her doorbell. We relied on the fact that there was no notice that the Windows Store app was end-of-lifed. Is there another way to get live video on the computer (she does not have a mobile phone or tablet capable of running Ring), or should we both cancel our Ring Protect subscriptions, send the floodlight cam back, and find another vendor that actually supports their internet connected products on the most widely used computer platform?


I find this to be an unacceptable solution because your app page on the Windows Store says “All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your Windows 10 device.” When will you fix this so that my mother’s new flood light will be made available on the app?



I also purchased the wired bell push with the intention of watching on my PC, AS ADVERTISED, please fix. The alternative is a lot of returned devices.


Same here. And the screenshot in the App Store for the Ring App (for Macbook) even shows a FloodLight cam in the ‘All Devices’ area. Very, very disappointing.

The solution of using is useless. It doesn’t even show live view.

Well, that’s a bit useless. Isn’t it?

I’ve found a good work around to the lack of a windows desktop app from Ring (even though it really should be supporting newer devices on Windows).

If you load up the “Phone” app in Windows 10 and sync it to your phone, place your phone on charge (I have a nice wireless stand charger) next to the PC and then you can use all the apps from your phone in the Phone App on your Windows desktop. I can even use the Ring app and put the Live view up in almost full screen using this method.

I hope this helps those of you annoyed by the lack of a Windows app for the newer Ring products as I was.

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Same issue with Video Doorbell Pro 2(which is a new device so they are just being lazy)… I want an App, I don’t want to be bothered by going to

For anyone looking for an app workaround you can install the Alexa app on your Windows device and view your doorbell.


This is a joke. I tossed up for a while whether to go for Ring or EUFY. I specifically opted for the Ring Wired Doorbell to use with the Windows 10 app as was advertised I could do, whereas the EUFY I could only view in a browser which is no use to me. If I can’t get live alerts and answer the door with my PC app, I don’t want the device. Please send someone round to uninstall it and take it away, reinstall my old mechanical doorbell, and bring cash for my refund.

Pretty Disgusted. I have just spent around £100 on ring Wired doorbell and Ring camera. To tell me the doorbell is out of date when it was launched around 6 months ago is now making me rethink my future plans on purchasing around another £400 of equipment. You’ve blown it Ring.

PS Just checked and found “Security Updates only” on my indoor camera. Does this mean the app won’t work for that too? Quite frankly furious and will be suspending any future investment in Ring, as well as spreading this info to the many people I know who have bought your equipment in good faith!

I too have the “new” wired ring doorbell and am not able to see it in the windows app. I have read a few posts prior to this where the ridiculous advise was to uninstall and re-install the windows app, even though the same company know the issue is due to the doorbell not being available via the Windows app. I am shocked at the poor customer service being provided. Will not be buying any more ring products in the future and am actively telling everyone I know not to touch Ring products. Well done RING.