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Good morning,

I am thinking about replacing my old conventional door bell with a new ring door bell.

May i ask which one is the the most reccommended one, as there are a few on the market.

and secondly, can i connect a ring door bell to my existing chimes in the house.

if not, how does the ring door bell alert the house otherthan via my mobile app.



Hey @brunton50. You can indeed connect a Ring Video Doorbell to your old doorbell’s setup to ensure you get the internal chime kit ringing when the Doorbell is pressed. You will want to make sure that your internal chime kit is compatible with the Doorbell before buying. Now to figure out what Doorbell you want! Would you prefer to have a Doorbell with more advanced motion detection, but it has to be hardwired? For that, I would recommend the Doorbell Pro. You can check if your internal chime kit is compatible for the Pro here.

If you prefer a less costly Doorbell, you can get the Ring Video Doorbell or Doorbell 3 which has PIR motion detection and a removable battery. When hardwired, you can get a trickle charge from the chime kit set up, which helps keeps the Doorbell powered and lessens the charging time you have in between. You can check if your chime kit is compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell here.