New user issue with a ring doorbell!

Just received a new Ring I bought on Amazon? Trying to get it set up but it’s telling me I need to chat with an agent first but it only seems to link to this comment board. I mean wtf? Starting to regret my purchase and ready to send it back for a full refund already. Anyone can help?

Hi @user309. Where are you seeing that it states to contact support in order to finish the set up process for your new Ring device? If possible, please share a screenshot of what you see in the Ring App during the setup process. Also, what model of Ring Doorbell or Camera do you have? This information should be listed on the packaging. I’d also like to note that you may have gotten here to the Ring Community via our Help Center due to the notice in the bottom right of the screen, which you’re welcome to close out and then use the search bar to search your topic or question. :slight_smile: