New User - How to setup Ring security (The security set up is not friendly at all)

Hello Can some one help me how to achieve the below

| DISARM | Door Open/Close Chimes |
| | No Motion Sensor and Camara motion dectection |
| | Live Preview Possible |
| HOME | Only DoorBell and downstai camara motion detection |
| | All other active |
| AWAY | All Active |



Hey @veemat. Happy to give some recommendations here!

Go into your Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Modes and do the following:

  • For Disarm: Ensure chirps are on. You will also need to go into the sensors under Devices in the Main Menu and ensure each sensor has an chirp sound you want. For Cameras, you will disable Motion Detection for each camera and enable Live View.
  • For Home: Under Sensors, ensure all sensors you need to be monitored are enabled here. Motion Detectors for the Alarm system are automatically disabled, but you can enable them if you wish. Under Cameras, enable just the Doorbell and Downstairs Camera for motion detection, disable the others. Enable Live View as you wish here as well, but you will most likely want all to have Live View.
  • For Away: Under Sensors, ensure all are enabled. By default, they all should be. Under Cameras, ensure all have motion detection and Live View on. They should be by default.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: