New User - Alarm, Schlage Connect, Echo 5

Hello community,

I’m new to the whole Ring thing and smart home connections. I just purchased the Ring alarm system which came with an Echo 5, and added a Schlage Connect door lock.

How do I connect all these devices together? Is there one App that I utilize to control all this? Would I use the Ring app or Alexa App?

I’m also looking into a smart thermostat. Is the Ecobee or Nest easier to integrate?

I’m looking for overall simplicity.


Good questions, @Jontran8! The Alexa app will indeed be helpful in integrating your Echo device and exploring more automation with Alarm and Alexa. Here is our help center article for general Alexa and Ring integration steps. As you mentioned having Alarm, this article will help you to arm and disarm your Alarm via Alexa.

In regards to the Smart Lock integration, as long as it is compatible with Works With Ring Locks, it should be easy enough to setup using the Ring app and, in some cases, the respective smart lock app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: