New to Ring please help


I purchased 2 of the black hardwired Ring doorbells (front / rear of house) and a compatible transformer and chime from.Hampton Bay.

I wired transformer to 16 as directed , installed chime here is what I found…

FRONT - Rapid blinking blue , then flashing white when trying to connect.

REAR - Not lighting up

Chime - Repeatedly ringing until I shut off breaker.

The Ring instructions for this model say not to use a diode and do not mention a round wire resistor… Am I missing something to make these components work as one system?

Hi @Auzz00. Which specific model Doorbell do you have? If you are unsure, you can upload a picture for me to identify. This Help Center article here has information on what the Light Patterns for your Doorbell mean. Is the white light blinking on the top, bottom, left or right? Be sure that you have an alpha numeric WiFi password and your WiFi access point is close to your Doorbell for setup. You may also need to turn off some settings in your phone. Look for a WiFi assist or Smart Network Switch in your phone settings, and turn that off for setup. Let me know if this helps!

It is the ring hard wired model…

Technically have 6 conductors that need to be landed two from the transformer and 2 from each bell…

Just looking for instruction on how to properly tie them together.

The white light was at the bottom of only front bell.
Back does not light up unless I bypass the chime and front door.

I did pick up a new transformer in hopes it would resolve it and found a diagram online I may try…


Hi @Auzz00. The Doorbell Wired is designed to bypass your internal chime kit. For this, you need to ensure that the Jumper is installed on your chime kit, or just install it directly to your hardwired transformer. Ensure that you have your jumper installed, as this might be why your Doorbell powering up. If you continue to encounter issues with this, it might be best to have a qualified election examine this wiring setup. Again, the Doorbell wired is designed to be used by bypassing your internal chime kit and not ring it. I hope this helps.