New to Ring, Home Setting Siren

I have the Ring Alarm 2020 edition. I set it for Home. My wife went to work early and forgot to disarm it on exit. My cell phone was set to silent and I did not hear any siren. Question: Can you in the Home setting set the Base Station siren to go off a few moments after trigger on main door exit? Is the siren only for Away setting? Help!

When a Main Door is opened in Home (or Away) mode, it should trigger the entry/exit delay giving you x seconds to disarm the alarm before it triggers the siren. Secondary doors will trigger the siren immediately when opened in either Home or Away.

If you check your History in the app, it should show you which door your wife left through and what (if any) events were triggered by that. Anything of interest there? Did you not get any push notifications on your phone from the Ring app that the alarm was triggered?

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The alarm should sound in home mode if the sensor for that door is in the list of sensors to be monitored.
go to settings>modes>home and make sure the sensor is there.

The delay if any is also on this page (android). Normally home mode is 0 delay

Is this what you were asking?

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