New to Ring and not sure why i get notifications in disarm mode

I’ve got the wired cam pro hooked up and the app all working. My question is about the disarm mode, that while in this mode i keep getting notifications and the light is always on and off at night. I figured that disarmed is off for the sensor, notifications and the light would be off. I can see where in the at home mode it would all work. And the away mode all three would work. I don’t want to receive notifications while i’m at home and i step outside to go to the garage or anywhere else. Do i have it backwards or maybe the app isn’t controlling the cam properly? To my way of thinking that once i disarm the system that it would shut off the notifications. So if someone on here has any work around or ideas to help me figure this out, i’d be appreciative. Thank you

Yeah put it in the bin.

Hi @MRCBRO. This Help Center article here will explain how Modes For Cameras lets you control the behavior of your Camera. In addition to Modes, you can also utilize a schedule for enhanced control over your device. I hope this helps!