New Terms of Service

The new terms of service: Some clarification is in order. Ring is dictating terms such as someone walking over yard is not trespassing, pranking ect. Ring is dictating the terms of what constitutes what is and not acceptable to ring? These are customers personal homes.


Please help me understand how ring decides what is what on property belonging to customers?
Perhaps I am not getting why these statements are made?
Given the today’s environment I must ask is this a “woke policy” ?

Until a person is convicted in a court of law they are not guilty of anything. What Ring (and many companies) don’t want to happen on their platform is for you to post something and claim the person is “guilty”.
So for example, say you post a video of a person you say is trespassing on your property. Your neighbor down the street sees your post and decides to attack the “trespassor”. It later turns out the person was just lost and they were at the wrong house. So, now when the person starts a Civil Case who do you think be found at fault?
You for posting the video making a false accusation?
Your neighbor for their attack?
Ring for hosting the video?

You should actually be greatful that Ring is looking out for not only themselves but you.