New stickers for 1st Gen sensors

Does anyone know where I can get new adhesive stickers for the 1st Generation contract sensors? TIA

Hey @TimC12621. If you have lost your installation kit for your contact sensors, you can contact our support team for spare parts. The sticky tape that we use is Command 3M Double-Sided sticky tape that is pre-cut to the shape of the sensor. When I moved, I found that having the velcro strips (which are also the same size for the pre-cut size if you do the medium sized strips) is much easier. Command 3M makes velcro sticky tape as well which I used to put up my sensors, as it makes taking them down for troubleshooting or relocation in the future easier. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

FYI - looking for the same. Contacted support and they said they don’t have these available as spare parts.

Seems we need to purchase 3m VHB tape