New stick-up solar cam, motion at night

Good day.,

 I just received my new stick up battery cam and solar panel the other day and mounted it yesterday outside our front door.  I've set motion to all 3 areas and set the widest depth possible.  Here's my results..just trying to determine if this is "normal" (hard to say from the other posts, most are wired )
  • Daytime - motion works flawlessly
  • Nighttime with porch light on - motion did not work despite large people walking right in front of the camera
  • Nighttime with porch light off - motion did not work. The racoons ravaged my recycling unseen!

The solar panel works fantastically well with this camera…really impressed. But am I out of luck with motion detection at night?



My solar spotlight cam picks up motion at night, both with and without additional external lighting. I get alerts for fox and racoons regularly. Any chance it is capturing the motion and just not alerting you?

Yeah, I don’t think that’s the case. There’s 3 of us in the house all using the app on our phones and during the day, we all get alerts no problem. At night, none of us do.

I’m actually wondering if the temperature has something to do with it as it’s getting rather cold here in Ottawa now.

Hey @dnorth98! It sounds like you are doing everything right with your motion settings. I would check to ensure there is not a motion schedule setup that might be preventing alerts at night. Also, keep in mind mounting height and angle, as both can help improve motion detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: