New Stick Up Can Plug-In Issues

Hello everyone! I’ve had a ring doorbell 2 for a few months now with no issues, and yesterday decided to add a Stick Up Can Plug-In. This thing has been nothing but issues. First of all, the WiFi reception from its location has been horrible, even though I had a different (and much cheaper) WiFi camera in the exact same place with perfect reception. No problem, I had to move my Chime Pro to the closest outlet in the house, which is literally about 15 feet away from the camera and now I’ve got about -55 db. Even with that, connecting was a bit of a pain, and I had to go back and forth between the chime network and my WiFi a few times before I could finally connect to live view. Now that that’s settled, I noticed a few other buggy things. First off, I bought the plug-in version and hooked it up as recommended in the manual and app, but wasn’t able to get the camera to function well without a battery. Now with the battery installed everything seems to be working, and the device is charging the battery, but it’s giving me a notice that my transformer is underpowered? Makes no sense since I’m using the stock Ring cord that came in the box. Also, maybe unrelated, I can’t get the siren to work. When I hit the button the camera makes one quick chirp as if it’s going to start going off, and then nothing. The app behaves as if it’s working fine, and I can click the button again to “shut the siren off” even though it’s not sounding in the first place. Anybody else having similar issues? For a brand new device I shouldn’t have to worry about these sorts of things.

Sounds like a faulty unit, I’ve a stick up wired and a stick up battery, although both now have batteries are a wired in. These aren’t issues I’ve come accross, got some another annoying ones instead :wink:

I’d suggest getting it swapped out. Good luck.

Hi @mhoffman54! It looks like you may be experiencing something similar to the neighbors in this Community thread. We’ve shared these details with the team who is currently investigating this feedback. Thank you for sharing your experience in detail with us.

Rest assured that despite the low battery message, your Camera should operate as intended as long as your wifi signal strength is sufficient. Check out our Community post about optimizing RSSI to your Camera for best video connection. I recommend also removing the battery and testing operation with the Camera plugged in only. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: