New Stick Up Camera Battery-Power plug/solar panel

So I just purchased 2 stick up cam battery versions and I have been looking at some power cables and and solar panels (including third party) and they all seem to have the connector that can be secured with 2 screws on the sides of the plug hole. (except the cable Ring now sells on its site believe) My Stick up cam does not have the screw holes with the rubber plugs just the one plug. IS this new will these Accessories still work? Also will the Solar panel for the 1st gen stick up cam work with the new one?

Thank U for any help!

Hi, the spotlight cams have the attachment you are talking about. I think the plug part is the same as with stick up so, for instance, solar panels for both have the same plug. The difference is that with spotlight, in order to reach the plug in area, you need to unscrew that connector you have noted.

Sorry if you have already figured it out, Yasmine

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