New Stick up Cam no detection

Just bought a new Stick up Cam, latest model. I have 2 older models which work fine around the garden. The new one does not seem to detect anything. When I set it up it detected one movement but since then nothing. When the older ones detect movement a blue light comes on, nothing on the new one. Battery is 100% record and motion both enabled. WiFi is approx 27MBps/17MBps. The same on iPhone, iMac and iPad. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi @GeoC! Your Stick Up Cam’s motion should certainly be detecting, especially if it has already detected motion at least one time. I recommend trying a live view on the Cam first, to ensure it is optimally connected to your home network. The next best step will be to check all of the motion settings including zones and sensitivity.

Once all settings are confirmed, please check your event history to see if these motions are recording but not notifying. If this concern persists, and motion indeed is not detecting despite the above being sufficient, our support team will be able to assist further with more in-depth troubleshooting steps. :slight_smile:

Live view works initially then the camera is, in effect, dead. If I take the battery out then replace it after 15 secs or so it works, live view works, then it closes down and is dead again. In Motion Setings the options are Motion Detection and Motion Verrification, there is no Motion Zone which I can access on my other cameras.

Live view does not work on iphone, ipad or imac. The Cam detects motion occasionally for example it has triggered 5 times so far today betwen 8:30 and and 2pm but I have walked pased it at least 20 times several minutes apart. Settings have been on ‘Max sensitivity’ and ‘Frequent’, RSSI -58.

Thanks for that update! it certainly sounds like you are taking all the right steps for this to work as intended. The best next step will be to reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Disappointed in lack of help. Camera is on old firmware and has been for a few days, said it was updating when I installed it but it wasn’t. Might just return it for refund as it is no use like this…

Not getting any help, I appreciate this is a difficult time but I have a camera which is no use so am returning for refund while I can.