new solar charger for 2n generation doorbell not showing in app

My first video doorbell packed up, so I got a new one 2nd generation, the solar charger I had purchased just a few months ago did not fit, so ring sends me a replacement. Fitted it but it is not showing up in the up, still says Power: Battery. Any Ideas?

Hi @Ilona! As long as your Solar Charger is installed properly, connected to the Doorbell, and receiving several hours of direct sunlight, it should certainly apply a charge to your battery. If you have not already, please ensure to begin with a fully charged battery for the best experience in battery life. There are factors that can drain. your Doorbell battery quicker than a charge can be applied. Too many events, long live views, or even signal interference can drain battery. Our Community post about battery drain has several tips that might help further. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Sorry, battery fully charged, still showing as power source and not the solar charger. So you resolution did not help.

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