New Security Cameras go offline

I have been having an issue with reconnecting my newer battery operated stick up camera and wired floodlight cam plus. Anytime the internet restarts or the power goes out, all my cameras will reconnect automatically to the network except those which need to be manually reconnected. I have to do a hard restart Everytime and it’s annoying because they’re difficult to reach. I have spoken with “ring team” and for an hour they told me that’s just what you have to do sometimes. I argued until they came back with there was an issue with an update causing this with the newer models and it should be resolved in 24 hours and that I would receive an email. That was on 7/29/21 and it’s still doing it. I have run through all the scenarios with the “ring team support” and the only thing that works is a hard restart to reconnect the devices. Anybody with the same issue? I’m about the return these devices, which I bought from by the way.

Sorry to hear about this, @lilsmailes! When a Ring device falls offline, in most cases it will automatically reconnect once the network is back available. Please ensure for optimal signal strength to your Ring devices and not too far of a distance to your router, as this will help with reconnection. As described in our help center article, there are many reasons why a Ring device might go offline, such as power or wifi factors, in which your Ring device should reconnect automatically. Of course, that is an article for the Ring Pro, but device aside, the first section about why a Ring device might go offline is great to reference. :slight_smile:

If your Ring device does not reconnect by itself after waiting some time, please reconnect your Ring device by following the steps in this help center article. I hope this helps!