New Samsung S20+ Phone, No ring Notification Sounds, Android App broken

I jsut got a new samsung phone and installed the Ring App, Logged in and everything looked ok but then I noticed I was not getting any notifiction sounds for the Alarm Door sensors. I went to the device settings, Chipr tones and you can select any of them but there is not sound that actually plays.

I went to my ring doorbell and the motion sounds and am only able to select exisiting system sounds, there is no ring sound folder or ring sounds installed at all on the phone anythwere. I can set to other tones on the doorbell device but you can only choose menu items for the Alarm / Alarm sensor devices.

I explored my phone via USB and windows and there are no ring sound folders anywhere. I have a backup of my old phone and there is a ring folder in the ringtones folder but that does nto exisit on my new phone. The audio file folder is missing from the Apps file in the Playstore or is nto installing on Sansung devices.

PLesae fix the Playstore App asap so it properly installs the sound files required by the ring Alarm devices.

Hello @kfons53598 ,

Another person had the similar issues as you. Here’s the link:

Hop this provides some useful information for you :slight_smile: