New router

I have trouble with my doorbell since having a new router installed. I couldn’t find a way to put in a new wifi password so I deleted the Ring app and started again. However it recognised my e mail saying it was already in use! So, I used my husbands e mail and continued installing. However upon scanning the bar code part of the process I had as message saying the device was registered to someone else and it can take 15 days for the switch to a different owner to take place.
I’m now totally fed up and confused and have no working doorbell! HELP.

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How frustrating!

I’ve deleted and added my Ring app many times to try and clear up bugs and have not encountered this.

It almost sound like Ring thinks you are trying to create a new account instead of logging into your existing account. Perhaps try logging into your account again from cellphone. Make sure you click on the “LOG IN” bar and not the “CREATE ACCOUNT” bar just above it. (I am on an Android.)

Or for another test to see if you can log into your Ring account, log in from a computer.

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