New router - How do I reconnect all my Ring devices?

I am getting a new router and I have Video Doorbell Pro, Stickup Cam, a couple of Spotlight cams, Spotlights, Floodlight, mail box sensor, A19 bulb, a Chime, a couple of motion sensors, and a Bridge. Can you share advice on how to convert all the RIng devices to the new router? (I will be using the same network name.) It is as simple as just connecting the Bridge to the new router and all will be good? Or are there more steps?

Hi there, @StayingSafe! We’ve seen neighbors in the Community share success with replicating the previous network connection details (ssid, pw, encryption, etc) to obtain connection. This will depend on many other variables, though, and in most cases Ring devices will require steps to be completed in the Ring app. If you do not want to replicate the previous network, or doing so did not work to reconnect your devices, the best method will be visiting each Ring device in your Ring app, viewing it’s Device Health section, and selecting reconnect or change network connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Every time you change the router or the name of the same router, You would have to reestablish a new connection as if you just got the camera and setup it up for the first time.

To do so open the ring app from the settings properties click on the device’s health, then click on the CHANGE THE WIFI NETWORK. Then on the top of the camera there’s a button, push and release the button then on the app click next when you see the blue light is blinking.

To reconnect the doorbell, the procedures are similar to the the cameras, only the setup button is on the back of the doorbell. You need to unmount the doorbell and push that setup button and follow the rest on the app.

If the doorbell is too far from the router, you are not going to have a good connection with doorbell. WiFi mesh is recommended for the best quality of the video. Costco has a set of 3 WiFi mesh by netgear and is the best WiFi mesh network in the market.

Another subtle detail to bear in mind how to identify if you device has a good connection is to check the connection value in the ring app within the device health properties. The RSSI is the indicator of the quality connection (signal strength) between the camera and the router. Normally the ring considers the values between 0 and 60 RSSI is considered to be a good connection. Anything over 60 is considered to be a poor quality of connection. Anything below 60 is considered to be an acceptable connection. The numbers below 60 will indicate in green color, which means it’s an acceptable connection. Anything over 60 will indicate in a gray color to indicate a poor signal strength and poor connection.

The closer you place the router to the cameras the better quality will on the videos. Remember to keep the RSSI as low as possible for the best quality. To do so, you have to place the router as close to the camera as possible. The only way to achieve that, you’ll need a WiFi mesh. When shopping for WiFi, take the WiFi 6 vs. WiFi 5 into a consideration, as well as the WiFi frequency, as ring devices support only 2.4 ghz. Why? Because 2.4 ghz is the farthest can cover, while 5 ghz provides a good spectrum coverage. Which means faster than the 2.4, but covers a shorter distance than the 2.4 ghz.

Below is the snapshot of the Ring app showing the WiFi network connection as well as the RSSI signal strength. The camera showing RSSI-25 is right next to the router. The camera that shows RSSI-37 is in the backyard. I hope this information will help others too.

I tried many different high end single routers, costing between $350 - $500, none of them did the job. I also tried 3 different WiFi mesh such as Nest WiFi mesh, google WiFi mesh, Deco 9 mesh, and lastly Netgear Orbi 753, and landed on Netgear Orbi 753. 3 units from Costco at $500. I’m very happy. Never disconnected any device. All others I tried they all failed here and there.

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B99gs1, thank you for the information. The reason I am getting a new router is because the mailbox sensor, a camera, a spotlight and a couple of motion sensors at the far corner of the house show poor-to-fair sensor to bridge signal strength. I am indeed getting a mesh setup. Specifically, the ASUS ZenWiFi CT8. One of the CT8 units will replace the current router and will be, out of necessity, in the same location as the current router, which is at one end of the house. The other CT8 will be located at the other end. The CT8 router and CT8 node will have a wired backhaul channel. So I am hoping for great coverage.

It does not sound like getting my Ring devices onto the new network will be simple. I kept all the packing that came with my Ring devices, which means I still have all the QR codes. But I am hoping to avoid removing any device and readding because that will mean recreating motion schedules, motion zones, privacy areas, etc. But I will find out in the coming week.

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