New ring wired installation question

Hello, newbie here…Just got a Ring wired and was about to install it. Pulled of the cover to the chime box and noticed there are a front and rear doorbell currently wired. Both front and rear work. I just want to install the ring to the front door but want to make sure this will not cause any problems. The rear doorbell is never used. Do I just place the jumper on the front and trans connector of the chimebox? I guess the rear doorbell could be disconnected if i can find the transformer.

You got it, @Myk! The Video Doorbell Wired model will require the jumper cable to be installed, and this will indeed disable the chime kit for function, in order to provide proper power. The installation of such should be on the front and trans terminals of your chime kit, if you are mounting the Video Doorbell on the “front” button of your home.

Check out our Community post for the installation guides to confirm proper wiring. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: