New Ring Spotlight Cam Pro (Wired) Release date?

Does anybody know, when exactly the new (Wired) version will be released, all other versions are already on the website and ready to order. Don’t understand how hard it was to release the wired version at the same time. Batteries sucks and you constantly need to watch for it, the solar is fine, the gutter holder looks like good solution but if you think about it, your camera will be exposed 100% to rain, snow and wind. Where wired version, you typically install under the garage soffit which gives you additional protection from rain.



I’m waiting for the Wired version as well. Is there an ETA? I want to buy a floodlight as well but will have both installed at the same time so they will be purchased together. Please give us an idea of when we can expect this product to be available

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Hi neighbors. There is not a confirmed date as of yet. Be sure to sign up for in-stock notifications here.

I’m now worried that Ring screwed something up on us again. My house’s outdoor cams are all wired and ready with a standard horizontal J-Box and the “Mount” style connections. All ready for the new Spotlight Cam Pro Wired in the next spot but all the pictures show the stupidly oversized massive round JBox. So, I’m hoping they’re just missing the photo updates or else I’m totally screwed. Also, I’d love to know I can just using the pin-collar connection to swap the last generation for the new generation and not mess with the box on the other ones if I choose to upgrade. Would make total sense. Also would make sense if we can leverage older connection kits for newer stuff for flexibility. @Tom_Ring, can you please put minds at ease on this aspect myself and probably a dozen-plus friends are all worried about?

I would hope the new hard wire kit is similar to current where they offer 2 different box type mounts but just not showing in the pic. I am thinking the new hard wire kit option may be different connection type and the new pro cams wont be compatible with old as the new pro cams have usb-c connectors vs older barrel style.

Hi @ChrisJ_Ring. As of now, I don’t have any information about this. When more information comes available, I’ll be sure to share it here.

Ring needs to address availability of the Wired Spotlight Cam Pro. It is simply irresponsible to leave this as an open question. If you need a professional PR firm reference, just ask.


Yes, agreed @Fallsgrove. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are about to now evaporate since we’re not able to buy vapor. And, yes, I’m still hoping to have clarity from @Tom_Ring that the single gang rectangular hole in the side of my house would work with the Wired Spotlight Cam Pro but apparently nothing there. Makes no sense they’d have to change the current secure pin/barrel connector for any wired devices. The transformer is in the device and you’re just passing neutral/hot/ground and the optional switched. No need to reinvent the wheel by using anything else when it’s been a bulletproof connector. And, if that’s true, then we should be able to leverage all the mounting hardware of the last gen with the new device and all will be well, but I’m not even able to get on a waiting list without that knowledge :frowning:

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It’s strange for Ring to NOT provide ETA information. If it’s Jan '23, say so. A reason would also be nice. Why the complete silence. I wanted to purchase Black Friday but as you @ChrisJ_Ring mention total information silence. This is not reasonable customer service or communications. Why on earth would you leave the door open to what seems like intentionally trying to tick off customers and purchase products from other vendors?

Does anyone know if the new Spotlight Pro will have a ground wire on the hardwire kit? The older version only has black / white and the soffit outlet I have has a ground wire but, nothing to connect to on the camera. Thx.

I’m eagerly waiting for this product to drop as well… If no info is provided soon, I’ll most likely be purchasing something else. Can we PLEASE get some info on the (approximate) release date?

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