New ring pro w/ super loud background noise

Just installed ring pro. Anytime I watch a live or recorded video or someone comes to the door it sounds like I’m living in the middle of a busy highway, or like it is pouring rain, but it is actually dead silent outside. Super annoying and not useable like this. Anyone else have this issue?

Can you try to connect with someting else? I have read somewhere its an issue. I had a new echo show and that is crystal clear when connecting to doorbell. My iphone is terrible. Not tries android yet either.

Thanks, I will try to do that. I have Echo’s but not the “show.” However, I can probably just use it to see what the sound is like.

NOt sure if you have made it further but i have also read that setting the notification tones back to default on the phone can sometimes work as well on the forum

I have a Ring indoor cam with the same problem. They replaced the first one, but the new one has the same issue. My living room is quiet as a mouse, nothing running, not near any appliances, but yet there’s all kind of background noise. I took the device into my bathroom, different outlet and closer to the router - same issue. I connected to the device from my computer and it’s not quite as noisy but still noisy. I just got a Doorbell 3 Plus to install and I hope it doesn’t have the same issue! Oh the RSS on my indoor device is -50.