New Ring Pro 2

So we just built a brand new home. We had a ring pro 2 doorbell installed, a long with many other spot cams. All was working fine for the first week. We had a brief power outage and i couldn’t get the doorbell reconnected. All my other cameras are working fine. I spent an hour on phone with ring - waste of time and won’t help. Wanted to send me another transformer. Doorbell would flash white - show the WiFi ring to connect to, but it wouldn’t connect to it. Doorbell shows proper power but it will not connect to anything. Ring support had me remove the doorbell from my app and now i can’t get it to install at all. Very frustrating. Any one else had this issue?

Hi @user63174. In the Community, we can only offer basic troubleshooting steps for certain concerns. If you have already worked with our support team, you have probably already done the basics that I would have recommended. The next best step is to continue working with our support team to further investigate your concern.