New Ring Peephole Camera

We just bought and installed our Ring Peephole last night, but it is not working. It says that a light is suppose to be spinning on the front, but there is no light. We tried the hard reset. Please help!

Hey @aguirre2007. The battery that powers the Peephole Camera needs to be charged for about 8 hours to have a full battery before setting up. Have you ensured the battery is charged fully? Once plugged in, it will be amber and green to show it is charging, and the battery will be full when the amber light goes out and it’s just green. Let me know if this was the answer to your concern! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, we are trying to set up our Ring Video Door Cam (peephole) and the light is not spinning on the front. There is no light at all and the batteries are fully charged. Hard reset has not worked. Please help!

Im having this issue too

Me too, I charged battery overnight but every time I try it, no light, and when I plug the battery into usb again it shows amber and green, although it was green originally- do I have a faulty battery? It goes green again within a minute but won’t work.

I have exactly the same problem