New Ring Doorbell Wired on mac

I recently bought the new wired video doorbell, all was smooth and setup complete. Works fine in the mobile apps however, one of the main reasons I went from Wyze to Ring was to be able to view cams on my desktop. Wyze required setting up a VM to run Android so not the most optimal integration for a desktop (even though it did give me multiview, something Ring does not offer but whatever). I really only care about the front door when I am working from home - during the pandemic so I can not be bothered with knocks at door which deliver people tend to do.

My other cams work fine for this, I click live view and can watch whats going on, get alerts etc. BUT after installing the new Wired Doorbell, it shows up in the mac app but just blank. Cant see events, cant see live view, just blank. Tried install reinstall and login and out and didn’t work. Support chat was useless, said to call. Spent 30 minutes on the line with support and it was almost like it was someone that never used a Ring product trying to tell me what to do. Like ‘click the 3 blue lines’ in the mac app. Sorry, there is no such option or hamburger menu in the mac app. Then she said my 2018 mac mini was not supported, even though app store says my mac is supported. This went on for a long time until I was told that the firmware was currently updating so thats probably it, which is doubtful since it is not doing that. Is it updating for 24 hours since it was installed? Anyway, hung up no further ahead so looking for help from the community, do new products tend to not show up for a while in the app? Anyone have other experience in cam not showing? Anyone have this working? Below is what I see in the app.

Whats even more bizarre is I get motion alerts from the doorbell but since the UI is blank, no options to turn them off so needed to turn them to quiet on macOS so it didn’t ring (pun intended) every few minutes because of motion. Hope this is just new product growing pains and support will come soon.

Hi, did you manage to solve this? I’m getting the same issue here. Works fine on iOS app, and Mac notifies but shows blank screen

Hi there, neighbors! As mentioned in our help center article about downloading the Ring app, Ring Windows and Mac and desktop apps are no longer receiving updates for new devices and features.

Unsupported devices and features for Windows and Mac include but are not limited to the following:

  • Video Doorbell Wired
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Video end-to-end encryption
  • Amazon account linking
  • Geofence

Please note that while certain features and products are no longer supported by the desktop apps, the apps will continue to receive critical security and bug updates.