New Ring Doorbell Pro already owned?


I bought a new RING Video Doorbell PRO, but when trying to connect it to my RING app, the app said that the device is already owned and that it has to be released from the previous owner. Since I bought the device in our local store, can you tell me who do I call to resolve this issue. I am from Slovenia, so we do not have any national RING numbers to call.

Thank you

Hi @Kenchi2206. Are you able to call any of the numbers in our list here? This is an escalation that needs to be taken care of by our support team, so you will need to reach them via phone for this. If there is a nearby country that they can call to, this may help get you to someone, but you may be subject to additional charges. As we do not sell and ship to Slovenia, this is why we do not have a number for this country. Otherwise, the only way to get support via email is through our alternative languages. If you speak French, German or Dutch, they can help you through those channels!

For French support, email is available at For German support, email is available at For Dutch support, email is available at