New Ring Doorbell Pro 2 - Transformer Voltage Poor, but Power Output Level 1

I upgraded my Ring Doorbell Pro with a Pro 2 on my front door. I also have a Pro on my side door, both hardwired.

Had problems with the side Doorbell Pro dying last summer, not enough power. So I had an electrician install new transformer (according to him powerful enough to power several doorbells now). Also installed a new Pro on the side door, as apparently the power issue killed the last one.

So now, side door Pro working great. Front door Pro 2 is working (so far, only installed it this morning), but in Device Health it says the Transformer Voltage is Poor, yet the Power Output is Level 1.

After troubleshooting the various issues for over a week, and the electrician assuring me about the new transformer, I don’t know what else the problem could be. I have a Power Kit v2 on the side door and a Power Kit v3 on the front door Pro 2.

What am I missing?

ETA - prior to upgrading front door to v2, the front door Pro had been working great, no power issues.

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I have this same issue, but it looks like no one responded.

I have this same issue - it has been reported by numerous people - but there doesn’t seem to be an acknowledgement at Ring that this is a problem. It’s inline with the issue of the dark LED button light on the Pro 2 as well.

I would get two Transformers (One (1) Transformer per Doorbell), and Buy the one specific for the Doorbell Pro 2 (16 Volts AC at 30 Volt Amps output powers your Ring Doorbell and internal doorbell with ease).

Remember Not All Transformers are the same and don’t use the old transformer that came with the house, it’s probably only 16 Volts at 10 Volt Amps.

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My experience is that this alert occurs if the AC voltage presented to the doorbell is somewhere in the 16 volt range, where the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 supports 16-24 VAC. I learned this by upgrading the transformer servicing the circuit where the Ring is connected.

I’m using my Ring in an area also served by a call box like you’d see at a multi-tenant building. The Ring is replacing the call functions, but I’m keeping it around so we can still open the gate by typing in a PIN. It had a wall wart style “16 Volt” AC transformer rated for 1.75 amp, i.e. 28VA (for transformers, VA is voltage times amps, and is its capacity before transmission and efficiency loss). The call box draws 650mA (0.65A), or 10.4VA. I figured I still had sufficient capacity for the Ring so I mounted it and wired it in parallel with the call box. It’s been installed without issue for a month or so, reporting good voltage and level 1 power.

I also have a Ring Access Control Pro 2, and since my electric strike is wired into the same box as the power transformer, I decided to move the RACP2 in there and power it from the same source given it supports being run from 10-24 VAC. I know it only consumes 4 watts or so (.25 amp at 16 VAC), but I figured just to be safe, I’d swap out the old 28VA transformer for a new 56VA transformer. Well, after powering everything back up, it all seemed to work, but now the doorbell reports the voltage as ‘poor’ instead of ‘good’ where it had been. I got out the multimeter and discovered the previous “16 volt” transformer was actually in the 19 VAC range, while the new one measured 16.75 VAC, albeit with greater capacity.

So, I’m just going to live with it since it all seems to work fine.

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Same issue here. Just installed Oct. 29th. I replaced current transformer with the Ring transformer & it still shows the same message “poor transformer voltage & Level 1 power output”. When I press on that power output button it says, “Your doorbell transformer is strong. It’s well equipped to power your doorbell and should support any new features in the future”. Go figure!!

I just bought and installed my first direct wired Ring Pro2 Video Doorbell on the front door. I switched out the transformer to the recommended 16v 30 VA power source, but the Ring app is showing poor transformer voltage at 13V, and Power Level is 3. My issue is that the mechanical door chime is no longer working. Should I upgrade my transformer again to the 24v 40VA version and what impact will that have on the mechanical door chime? I don’t want to blow out the mechanical door chime with too much power now??

Hey neighbors. If your Video Doorbell is reporting poor voltage or doesn’t appear to be receiving sufficient power, I’d recommend consulting our Hardwiring Checklist for the Doorbell Pro first. That checklist will cover the basics to help you narrow down what might be causing this problem. If you have the Video Doorbell Pro 2, you can find the installation instructions here and the chime kit compatibility list here. If this concern persists, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.