New Ring Doorbell Pro 2 - Transformer Voltage Poor, but Power Output Level 1

I upgraded my Ring Doorbell Pro with a Pro 2 on my front door. I also have a Pro on my side door, both hardwired.

Had problems with the side Doorbell Pro dying last summer, not enough power. So I had an electrician install new transformer (according to him powerful enough to power several doorbells now). Also installed a new Pro on the side door, as apparently the power issue killed the last one.

So now, side door Pro working great. Front door Pro 2 is working (so far, only installed it this morning), but in Device Health it says the Transformer Voltage is Poor, yet the Power Output is Level 1.

After troubleshooting the various issues for over a week, and the electrician assuring me about the new transformer, I don’t know what else the problem could be. I have a Power Kit v2 on the side door and a Power Kit v3 on the front door Pro 2.

What am I missing?

ETA - prior to upgrading front door to v2, the front door Pro had been working great, no power issues.