New ring doorbell keeps ringing then goes offline

Hi, we got a ring doorbell wired version last week, we set it up and all was good for a day or 2 then it started making a noise like it was continously ringing and won’t stop and it goes off line.
We originally had 2 old doorbells - one outside the porch where we now replaced with a ring and one inside the porch.
The first time the problem happened one of my kids pressed the old doorbell inside the porch and then the ring kept ringing without stopping any went offline. We manahed to fix it and set it up again and we disconnected the old doorbell inside porch but today I came home and the bell is ringing away every couple of seconds and again gone off line, strangly inside my hosue we can hear the old doorbell (both of which are disconnected) noise dinging too.
It’s now offline again and not working.
Abu suggestions before I tear my hair out and send it back to amazon?

My husband has now disconnected the inside doorbell that my kid pressed so don’t think that’s the issue anymore. After he disconnected the 2nd doorbell the ring worked for 2 days but today someone rang the ring bell and it then keeps ringing every 8 seconds or so and it’s all offline

Hi @user18165. Can you check the Device Health page in your Ring app and confirm which model of Doorbell you have? The installation instructions and wiring requirements vary between the Doorbell models, so I want to ensure I provide you with the correct information. :slight_smile: