New ring doorbell constantly offline

Hello, this is the second Ring doorbell 2 I have purchased and I’m still having problems. If I push the doorbell, or walk I front of it, I get notices, which is greats. If I try to see camera in Alexa or my phone, I keep getting a message that the camera is offline. I have no idea how camera could be offline but I am getting notices.
The camera randomly looses WiFi. I have a brand new dual band router and even have placed ring doorbell 8 feet from a powerful WiFi repeater. I’ve made sure not to connect to the 5g part of the router (2.4 as suggested) can anyone help? Ring customer service doesn’t offer a chat, and I don’t want to spend hours on the telephone.
My network is fine, no problems, and I don’t want to send back another ring doorbell to Amazon again.
I’m open to any and all suggestions. Thank you

Hi @Iloveconvertibles. It sounds like you’ve looked into this a bit, so I appreciate you letting us know what you’ve tried so far. What is the RSSI reading as on the Device Health screen for your Doorbell? A high RSSI could be causing this concern, but you may also want to review this Community Post for some other possible causes for why the Live View is not working correctly.