New Ring Doorbell 3 Plus - Randomly Not Detecting Motion...

The doorbell picks up on cars driving by, passerbys walking their dogs, etc… and yet when a FedEx truck pulled up, the person gets out of the truck and walks up to my front door to retrieve a large box (that I placed in front of my door for pickup) - there is nothing recorded in the history?!

It’s picked up motion other times when someone has been at the door. Yet seems to randomly miss activity. I’ve adjusted motion settings, the battery is fully charged, etc… there’s nothing more on my end to ensure it should be consistently working.

Is this a common problem? Seems to negate the point of the doorbell. Makes me question the reliability of ring cameras.

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I’m in the same boat as you - mine has just stopped working today.

I’m going to see about a refund.

I’m having the same problem. Today, a dog came up to my front porch and tried to get my cat. Nothing on my Ring doorbell until I went outside but cars going by always are detected. I also have the issue with deliveries. They walk up, put the package on my front step -right infront of my doorbell and NOTHING. It’s only a little over 4 months old.

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! There are many motion settings that can be explored to improve detection. As it sounds like there are other motions happening leading up to these events in question, I recommend checking Motion Frequency to ensure back to back motions can be detected.

Some other settings that might help with fine tuning this functionality are people only mode and motion verification. Additionally, if your Doorbell is mounted on an elevated porch or top of stairs, a wedge kit might help with detecting motion for approaching visitors. I hope this helps!