New Ring Cam pro not recording other than if you select Auto

Just purchased 2 new Security Cam Pros the newest and greatest cams to go with my existing system. I jave them on 5Ghz systems. The lights come on but they dont record. They did during the day on Auto 20 seconds but since i want them to be 60 seconds i get nothing recording now. Something is messed up in the software. And you should have the option of 60 or whatever setting and auto

Its the picture in picture setting and its a new spotlight cam pro. If you have the picture in picture setting on you get no recordings. Not even if you go to live view. Turn off picture in a picture it works. That software needs fixed. Your welcome

It still is not recording on its own. If you go to no picture in picture it will record if you hit live view. But on its own it does not. This camera is defective

Hi @Mags-Z. With an active Ring Protect plan subscription, motion events and Live Views will be recorded and viewable in the Event History. Activate the Live View for a moment, then close it out. The video should take a moment to process. After that, navigate to the Event History tab, and you should see the recorded Live View there. If you don’t see your Live View in the Event History, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here to further investigate this. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

My wife just drove up the street and there is nothing recorded

Hi @Mags-Z. Can you share a picture of how this device is mounted? The cam should be around 8-9 ft high and the bubble on the bottom should be parallel to the ground. How are your Motion Settings configured? What is the RSSI of the device? Doo you have Motion Detection toggled on? This information will help me determine how to correct this concern.

I have 14 Cameras. You have already replaced this new Spotlight Cam Pro and it worked at first but now you have to be practically right near it to have it record anything. It updsted itself and now it seems worse. All the other cameras are seeing the same area but this one new one records nothing

There are no schedules. Im an electrical engineer of 40 years. I know what jm doing and this camera is set up properly. Birds eye view and everything. I have a second pro camera that is okay. I have 14 cameras total. I know what im doing . I cant even screen shoot them all

This is a new camera and it did work at first. But has diminished coverage of recording to right in front of the camera.

Im not a drug dealer lol. Most think cause you got so many cameras thats what is going on. But i have a crazy X and police do nothing now unless you have video proof. She or my daughter come here and destroy things. I need video proof of their actions. Makes you wonder what did cops do before video?

I have a active subscription. I have now for 2 years