New Ring App for Mac installs but does not load

Installed new Ring version 2.5.1 for Mac. App opens but does not load. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Did not help. Mac OS Catalina Version 10.15.4

Very frustrating.

Hey @Tsura. Could you try completely uninstalling the Ring app from your computer, even emptying it out of your recycling bin, including all download files. After that, restart your Mac completely by turning it off/on. Once you have your Mac back on, reinstall the app and see if you can open it. Please ensure any VPNs you have are turned off so that it does not conflict with the app. If you can take a screen recording, especially if it still does not load, please send that our way! :slight_smile:

Uninstalled, emptied trash and restarted MacBook. Down loaded app directictly from ring. As info I do not have vpn. Attached is screenshot of app when is is opened. Stuck in this position.

It’s working fine with the old app version 2.4.2. and it wants to update to the newer version 2.0.5, which how this started in 1st place. For now I will stick with the old version. Thank you for your help.

@Tsura I’m happy to hear that the old version of the Ring app is working instead! I’m currently having this matter investigated by my team that helps with these kind of things. Once I have them take a look into the new version of the Ring app for Mac, I will make sure to update you accordingly! Thank you again, neighbor. :slight_smile:

@Tsura After my team looked into the information you provided, they asked if you could maybe re-attempt the new version of the app. Once you have the new version installed, try to go into your devices page, and then your events page. They stated that it seemed you may have not had a stable connection, as it will load the devices and then the events, so their hunch is that the events may have no completely loaded yet. Let me know how this goes!

Updated to version2.5.0 from version 2.4.2. Everything works fine. I checked for updates thru the app and have the newest version, but the app store has a version 2.5.1 which says is the newest. I think that was where the issue started when I installed that version. If the ring app update says I have the newest version, what is version 2.5.1?

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Hey @Tsura. It looks like we may have pulled 2.5.1, as we noticed some bugs and fixes were not fixed with it. Rest assured, my team let me know that 2.5.0 is the same right now and also up to date as 2.5.1! Glad it’s all working as it should. :slight_smile:

mines loads for macos on my imac that i downloaded from the app store but when i sign in with the correct creditials it blanks out back to the sign in screen even after i put the two factor code in and it does not give any indication that the credentials are incorrect at all i have the app on 3 other devices including my macbook pro but it will not let me get past the login screen on my imac