New ring alarm motion set up

I just installed a new ring 3 doorbell. The motion sensor setting where you can adjust the distance not the zones does not set. On my old ring door bell it would display a picture of what the camera sees mine new door bell does not. I think it is an issue with the software on the new door bell. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. No change

Hey @Cmac6556. If you have recently upgraded from the Doorbell 2 to the the Doorbell 3, you will notice that the settings do look a little different. It is by design for the motion settings that the Doorbell 3 will display that Min to Max slider, but not the image, unlike the 2 that does display the image. We are looking to have this aligned for future, but please note that adjusting the Min to Max slider on the Doorbell 3, even though you do not have the image, will be in the similar fashion. Hope this helps clear that up for you! :slight_smile: